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For Stars! 2.x. Unique content for Supernova is here.

Content You Won't See Anywhere Else

Includes a system for ranking players (modified from the a chess rating system).
The Blighted
Some really great graphics, many with scifi or Stars! themes.
Does free custom graphics for Stars!
The Grey Council
A league of players dedicated to honorable play (diplomacy and otherwise) in games.
The Host's Guild
Provides a place for players to see how good an individual host is and also provides a wealth of information for hosts. Down?
The Magic of Stars!
Has a large collection of game scenario ideas.
The Officer's Lounge
Stars! humor and stories.
Orionian Empire
Graphics and a detailed explanation on how to get Stars! to run without any bugs under Linux.
The Pirates Retreat
Home of StarEd - a utility like no other. It allows you to alter the characteristics of ships and items in Stars!.
The Shipyard
3-D models of the ship hulls from Stars!
Stars! Nations
A Stars! site for all languages.
Stars! Scenarios
A collection of ideas for Stars! games.
The Stars! Village
Includes a number of game stories and game records.
System Gwiezdny Hamal
Has one of the most complete player rankings I have ever seen (in Polish).
WebSearches - Stars!
A search engine dedicated to Stars! A great resource for finding topic specific Stars! items.


Last Update: February 13, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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