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Links for Strategy

For Stars! 2.x. Supernova strategy articles are here.

Recommended Sites

WebSearches - Stars!
Search for any Stars! specific topic here.
Search the Internet for Stars Information.

Courtesy of WebSearches.net
Bluebear's Stars! Wing
Focuses on help for new players and includes several samples of all the PRT's. Down?
Currently, just a few articles translated, but there are plans for more translations.
Galactic Traveller - Stars!
About 70 articles - a bit old.
The Highlander
Has a little over 30 strategy articles for Stars! and linked into the Stars! Encyclopedia.
The Keep
While there is not much, there is a very detailed advice section for new players.
45 strategy articles.
Pages personnelles de TH
Has chapter 1 of the strategy guide and a few other things translated into French.
In Polish.
RIPs' Stars page
A large collection of ship designs - can be very useful to help new players get some ideas.
Russian Stars!
Russian translations of several FAQ's and the Strategy Guide. Down?
The Sen'tail Colonies
A small collection of strategy articles, race design, and help for beginners.
The Stars! Compendium
A collection of strategy articles, organized into a comprehensive strategy guide.
Stars! Drawing Board
Well organized collection of articles on race design; however, it is a bit out-of-date.
The Stars! FAQ
Where all future improvements to the Advanced FAQ and Stars!-R-Us article archive can be found.
Stars! Pax Galaxy
Includes a decent article section in addition to a collection of race design articles from Stars!-R-Us.
Stars Ship Design
A large collection of ship designs with descriptions of their use.
The Stars! Village
A nice, moderate-sized collection that utilizes the Stars! Encyclopedia. Also highlights one race per week.
Stars!Web Players Lounge
Has an up-to-date strategy section. Down?
Starway to the Galaxies
Includes a lot of information to help new players get started playing the game.
Stephen Posey's Stars! Page
Includes a complete list of the order of events and a list of terms commonly used.
Super Stealth Site
Excellent SS resource in Polish.
Warrior's Guild
Mystery Trader, some articles and Sun Tzu.
Waypoint Zero
Home of the Strategy Guide.
AOL members can go to their Stars! club. The Keyword is STARSCLUB.
If you are interested in blitzing or just want some quick answers, IRC is a great place to get help. The channel is #Stars! at StarLink. For details go to The Mystery Guild and click on IRC or to Stars!-R-UsRec.games.computer.stars is one of the best places to get questions asked. Just post a question and wait. Most questions are answered fairly quickly. If you don't have access to a Usenet server, you can use Google Groups.


Other Sites with Strategy Articles

The Accelerator PlatformThe Alpha Nubian
A detailed review of blitzing.
Alternate Reality Strategy Guide
A very detailed look at AR.
Andrew's Home
Has several articles by the webmaster that I have not seen elsewhere.
The Blighted
Game chronicles.
A very large collection of English articles.
Some races. Down?
Dr. Bob's Star Page
Graphic representations of the various Stars! items.
The Front Line
Includes a number of newgroup discussions and advice on individual PRT's.
Jagged Stars!
Last cry from Stove TopThe Magic of Stars!
Has a pretty decent collection of articles.
Matt's Stars! Page
Has two good home articles on warships and race design.
Mike's Stars! Page
Olden Stars! Host
Has a translation into Russian of the first part of the strategy guide.
Pinokkio's Stars! Page
The Pirates RetreatPond's Stars! Bit
Red Kipper's Stars!The Spaceball Starbase
Tips for beginners in French. Down?
Star Alliance
In Russian.
StarDruid's Stars! & Stars! Supernova Page
Starman383's Yoluns Gate
Some pointers for beginners.
Stars! @ The Top FlatThe Stars! Diplomatic Channel
Stars! Games
70 articles, however, they are quite old. Down?
Stars! Maniac
Includes a Russian translation of the Advanced FAQ.
Stars RendezvousStars! Strategy
Strategy GamerStrona Arcziego
Includes a Polish version of the FAQ. Down?
Waypoint 87Ypsilon Stars!
Includes a detailed MT FAQ.


Last Update: February 13, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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