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Please read this for details on the scoring system.
SiteText ReviewOverall Score
Mare Crisium (Waypoint Zero)A Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteHome of Stars! and Stars! Supernova Genesis. Go here for all the latest information. While in the past, updates usually only came once a month, they are becoming much more frequent now. - December 6, 20015+
Stars! AutoHost and hereThe main game site for Stars!. This site alone can host up to 100 games. With hundreds of players going there every day for their turns, it must be the most frequently visited Stars! site. In addition to running the site, it also hosts the Home World Forum, one of the largest discussion groups in Stars! and a decent place to look for new games. There is also a collection of postcards form players around the world plus a downloads section with all the patches, the demo, and a few utilities. - October 17, 20015+
Bluebear's Stars! WingA large site mostly dedicated to teaching beginners how to play Stars! This site is also home of the Stars! Network webring. The site includes sample races, a games post, advice on hosting, and some artwork. Highly recommended for all new hosts and players. This site was down the last time I checked. - December 6, 20015
Starbase DeltaA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA very professional looking Supernova site (with a few things for Stars! 2.x). Right now it mainly consists of a very nice message board system (quite active too) and the general information published by Mare Crisium on SSG. There are special categories in the discussion boards for finding games. This site is quite active and is a rising star (no pun intended). - November 13, 20015
The Stars! VillageA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteOne of the first Stars! 2.x sites, dead and now back among the living. The site maintains a collection of game stories and a good collection of strategy articles and a race of the week. The downloads section is small; however, includes almost everything that I ever use. It also has MOD files for StarEd. There is also a place for new games. Its section on Supernova Genesis is currently fairly small. - December 6, 20015
All Things Trek with a Touch of Stars (Mr. Stars and The Site with No Name)Old home of "The List" (see Stars! The List for the new home). It also includes Java access to the #Stars channel. There are some utilities and all of the patches through the "i" patch. - September 15, 20014+
CathodeThis is the homepage of one of the graphic designers for Supernova. He does amazing custom Stars! graphics for free! The only cost is a link (oh, if everything in life where so inexpensive). Excellent work. The FLASH plug-in is required to view this site. If you look around the Directory you can find a few Cathode "induced" pages. - October 17, 20014+
D-Stars!The first Stars! page in Russian. It has some games and THOUSANDS (I am not exaggerating) of articles in English. It has a nice layout and it seems to be quite active. Many of the links here connect to a second Russian page, Olden Stars! Host. This site is also the homepage for the Stars! - Universe Creator. - October 17, 20014+
The Host's GuildA great site letting you check up on your host and make sure that it is worth your time joining the game. There is a game post and player poll there too. There is a mailing list available. This site was down the last time I checked. - August 29, 20014+
Orionian EmpireHome of Territories, this site also has details on how to tweak WINE to get Stars! to run correctly on Unix. There are some other downloads and a collection of graphics that the webmaster has made himself. - September 15, 20014+
The Pirates Retreat (Nexus)Home of StarEd, Xtreme Borders and Xtreme StarMail. The site also includes some details on fighting the AI. If you have not looked into StarEd, you should. This high quality utility allows you to rebalance the items and hulls of Stars!. - September 3, 20014+
q-stars! (Quasi-Stars!)A stunning and active site in Polish with a small strategy section, a large downloads section, what I believe is a forum, and a gorgeous, clean layout. This one makes me wish it were in English as well. - December 4, 20014+
The Stars! FAQ (Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ)The replacement for the Advanced FAQ. It combines the newer newsgroup FAQ (rgcs FAQ) with the Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ. Right now the main page of the site complete and the "old" FAQ's are there until the site is completed. It also includes the article archive from Stars!-R-Us. - October 17, 20014+
Stars!Web Players LoungeA site that has a game post, a growing, up-to-date, searchable strategy section. Its unique feature, however, is a player database with ratings with the results of of games used in the scoring. A statistics section is in the making. It is currently changing ISP's. This site was down the last time I checked. - August 30, 20014+
The Grey CouncilHome of the Stars Game Generator (one of my favorite utilities for hosting). The Grey Council is a group of players dedicated to honorable playing of Stars! The charter provides details on what is not permissible. - December 6, 20014
Hyena StarbaseA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteProvides a place for games, articles, downloads, and stories from Supernova. The site is updated quite often. - September 15, 20014
Mike's Stars! PageIncludes technology tables, some advice (for strategy issues and hosting), some reviews of downloads (some are considerably more detailed than mine), and a developing utility (Turn Manager). There is also a list of games the host is running. - February 13, 20024
Olden Stars! HostA Russian Stars! site. It has a large downloads page and what is basically a HTML based help file in Russian. It also has the strategy guide partially translated into Russian This site is partially a growth off of the first Russian language Stars! Page (D-Stars!). - August 29, 20014
RDLDev.com (RDL Developers Lab)A Supernova SiteA sister site to Starbase Delta. RDLDev.com is a repository for RDL's as they are developed. The hope is that a central location will help improve the quality and availability of custom RDL's. - September 4, 20014
Red Kipper's Stars!A Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteHas a very large collection of downloads and patches for Stars! There are a few races there too. - September 3, 20014
The Spaceball StarbaseA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA nice French site with downloads, a game, a mailing list, and help for beginners, including a "PRT encyclopedia," race design tips, and a few common mistakes to avoid (by PRT type). This site was down the last time I checked. - November 13, 20014
Stars! CentralAn automatic hosting site. This one uses email uploads exclusively. It includes a player rating and a host rating section. - August 29, 20014
Stars! Drawing BoardA well organized site specializing in race design with about 40 articles the last time I counted. It had not been updated for a while. - February 13, 20024
Stars! ManiacA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA Russian site of which I am partial to its layout (it was modeled after a previous version of the Directory). It includes a translation of the Advanced FAQ, some games, a large collection of downloads, the start of a translation of the previous version of this page, and a Russian players list. - October 17, 20014
The Stars! PlayerHome of the Stars! Notebook, Growth, MailMan2 and Warp Central. - October 17, 20014
Stars! Re-EntryA nice looking site with a number of games, a list of the MT items, a small downloads section, and a large collection of web-based spreadsheets (only usable for those with Office 2000). This was the first site to become The Stars! Encyclopedia by using the Encyclopedia Link Generator. - October 17, 20014
Stars! The ListHome of "The List" - a large mailing list for games that has mailings as much as two times per day. The definitive place to look for games as the host not only receives postings, but also scans the newsgroup. - August 28, 20014
WebSearches - Stars!A web search dedicated to Stars! It works best for finding details on particular strategy topics. - October 17, 20014
The Accelerator PlatformThe game post here has been slow recently. It a budding downloads and strategy section. The site also has the results of all the games that have been posted there and includes a few game stories. - September 15, 20013+
CoStars!A French "mega-site" in the making. Has a good download section in addition to developing strategy article section and forums. - November 29, 20013+
Dr. Bob's Star PageA collection of Stars! Graphics. Includes information on each hull and component (along with their icons). In addition to that a collection of graphic "spreadsheets" on a wide range of Stars! subjects. - August 29, 20013+
The Echelon ProjectA Supernova SiteA German site for several games, including Supernova. Currently, there is basic information and pictures regarding Supernova. This site was down the last time I checked. - August 28, 20013+
The HighlanderA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteOriginally a host's page with some ideas on for scenarios. Now the site includes a number of articles for Stars! and Supernova Genesis. - December 6, 20013+
Inter-Stellar RevellerHome of the Inter-Stellar Reveller ICQ Host, which allows easy blitzing through ICQ. It currently has a competition for the worst designed ship from a real game. - September 3, 20013+
KPb Terras Ministry of InformationProbably the best players' homepage. There is also game post with a mailing list for those looking for games. - September 4, 20013+
The Magic of Stars!The main feature of this site is its collection of ideas for game scenarios. There is also a decent collection of articles. - December 6, 20013+
Master of Stars - The Supernova SiteA Supernova SiteAn Italian Supernova site. Includes a section for downloads, articles, games, and a discussion forum. - December 4, 20013+
NovaBaseA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteAn excellent Supernova site in the making. There is a well written story behind the site. This should be especially useful to new players. It features spots for strategy articles, a place to collect races, and more. There are a number of Stars! 2.x articles there. - November 13, 20013+
The Officer's LoungeA site dedicated to Stars! humor. A good place to stop after a long day running testbeds. It could use an update. - August 30, 20013+
RIPs' Stars pageA very large collection of ship hulls. I recommend it for new players, though not all the designs are equally good. - October 17, 20013+
Spacedock 1Regularly starts new games and has a ranking table of all that play in games host at the site. It is the largest player ranking I have seen so far. One clarification regarding this site may be in order - yes there is a membership policy (with a real cost); however, it is not mandatory. - October 17, 20013+
Star AllianceA Russian site with file downloads and some strategy downloads. It offers a translation of the Stars! FAQ into Russian. - October 17, 20013+
Starman383's Yoluns GateA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA nice host site with games and some pointers for hosts and new players. There is a section for downloads, but it is under construction. - September 15, 20013+
The Stars! CompendiumA collection of strategic articles edited and arranged as to provide a rather comprehensive strategy guide. As a side note, the webhost is heavily involved in the "Stellar Legacy" project (an open-source Stars! clone). If you are looking for information on that, look no further. - September 3, 20013+
Stars! Nations (LordHelmchens "lets see what this will become" Page)An international stomping ground for Stars! players. It includes a players' list and a games list. It is the home for the Race Potential Calculator spreadsheet. - October 17, 20013+
Stars! Pax GalaxyA nice site in both English and Portuguese (as far as I can tell it is equally accessable in both languages). There is a game post, downloads section, quite a few articles, and a discussion forum. - November 13, 20013+
Stars! ScenariosOne of the best collections of ideas for playing Stars!. It also includes the "Benchmark" game. Worth a trip over to the site, if only just to look at his layout. - November 13, 20013+
Stars Ship DesignIncludes graphic representations of various ship designs and categorizes them by the different stages of the game that they are used. - September 15, 20013+
Stars! Supernova StationA Supernova SiteThe first player site solely dedicated to Supernova. It includes a number of articles and a section on Supernova art. There are also sections for games, downloads, and a large amount of information on the various aspects of the upcoming game. This site uses the Stars! Encyclopedia. - October 17, 20013+
Strefa Stars! (Valhalla)A Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteI'm afraid this one is beyond me (it's in Polish). It has a good download page, some games, and looks quite nice though. If you speak Polish, I would love some help reviewing the site. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20013+
Strona Arcziego and hereA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA Polish site with downloads, a player list, a games section, and a FAQ (in Polish). This site was down the last time I checked. - August 30, 20013+
Super Stealth SiteA great resource for SS players with ship examples, races, and strategies for Super Stealth races. Unfortunately for most of us, the site is exclusively in Polish. - December 4, 20013+
Andrew's HomeA rather stark page (though it loads quickly). The site is small, but includes about 10 articles that were written by the webmaster. - October 17, 20013
The BlightedA player site with some chronicles of games in which the webmaster has played/is playing. It also has a collection of some nice graphics. - November 13, 20013
The CeLaVieA German site on a particular game. The information is fairly detailed and those German speakers new to Stars! might enjoy the site. - August 28, 20013
The Dutch Stars! CommunityA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA nice looking Dutch Stars! site. As far as I can tell there is a forum, news, and some links. I occassionally have problems accessing this site with I.E. Switching to Netscape seems to get around the problem. Any Dutch speakers out there want to provide me with more? - September 3, 20013
Entropic Revels Productions: Stars!Currently has a list of players and races with descriptions - many of they are interesting to read. There is a collection of favorite in game and e-mail messages sorted by game. So far there is one game on the site. In case you are wondering, the "Art" on the players' page is not me. - December 4, 20013
Flying Squirrel SoundA Supernova SiteThe audio studio that did the sound track for Supernova Genesis. You can download various samples, including the intro movie for this site. - November 13, 20013
Galactic Traveller - Stars!Out-of-date, but still useful. It has a large number of downloads, patches for every thing between Stars! 2.5 and Stars! 2.7i, about 70 articles, some races, and various FAQs. - September 3, 20013
Galaxy of Stars!There was still a bit of construction happening when I last checked this site. Right now it has a game post, mailing list, and a message board. While the layout is simple, I think the host has constructed an attractive website that is also very fast to load (too often a rare combination). - August 28, 20013
The Keep and hereOne of the best host homepages. It is amazing how many games Spike hosts. Check it out for ideas or to find a game. There is also a detailed introduction for new players. There is also a Stars! story archive (only one story so far). - August 29, 20013
Lista de Correo Stars! (Espaol)A mailing list in Spanish. Created by the owner of Poblado de Stars! en Pobladores.com. - October 17, 20013
Lunar State Industrial InstituteHome of the Stars! Planet Sniffer and the Stars! Client. - August 29, 20013
Matt's Stars! PageA small site with two in-depth articles on race design and warship design. - December 4, 20013
Mokulen: Games: Stars! (Another site with no name)Home of Alberto's Most Incomplete, Undocumented and Badly Coded Stars! Mapper, Analyzer and Simulator and a few links and patches. - September 3, 20013
OtterHostA site inspired by Autohost. Currently, it is in a "semi-private" mode. Those interested in hosting should contact the webmaster. There are also a few patches and one download. - December 6, 20013
The Packet Flinger Calculator HomepageHome of the Packet Flinger Calculator and the Multiple Packet Flinger Calculator. There is even a Java version of PFC, but you will need a Java2 browser plug-in. - October 17, 20013
Pages personnelles de THA French games' page. It includes a Stars! section with a translation of chapter 6 of the handbook and chapter 1 of the strategy guide, which maybe useful to new Stars! players (or at least those that speak French). - December 4, 20013
Poblado de Stars! en Pobladores.comCreated by the host of Ed Ruiz Stars! Page. It gives a brief description of Stars! and the history of the host playing the game. - August 28, 20013
Russian Stars!A Russian site with translations of the Strategy guide, the Advanced FAQ, and the Mystery Trader FAQ. This site was down the last time I checked. - August 30, 20013
The Sen'tail ColoniesA relatively small, but well designed, site focusing on game ideas and range of strategy issues. A good place for hosts and beginners alike. Some of the articles are useful for non-beginners as well. - December 14, 20013
ShadowGuardThe main site that is host to the GPS. - August 28, 20013
The ShipyardA collection of 3-D models of Stars! ship hulls plus a little information on making the models and some guts of Stars! - October 17, 20013
StarDruid's Stars! & Stars! Supernova Page (Star Trek Man's Stars! & Stars! Supernova Page)A Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteContains some races for Stars! the old 1.1 and 2.6b demo (plus the most recent one) and some information on Supernova. - December 6, 20013
Starmap!Homepage for a nice utility. This utility really is part of The Stars! Utility Site, I am listing it separately since it has its own Stars! Network link. - October 17, 20013
S.T.A.R.S!Interstellar Traveler's Abandoned Refueling Station. The patches, some downloads, a few strategy articles, a game post, and humor make up this site. - October 17, 20013
Stars! Inc.This is "just" a simple game site for a couple of hosts; however, it is one of the best designed sites. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20013
Stars! Tech PageHome page of the Stars Editor (a program that modifies the Stars!.exe file). There is a mailing list, but I doubt much more development will happen with the program. - October 17, 20013
The Stars! Universe and hereA small site that is home of an "improved" version of Stephen Posey's Spreadsheet. The main site is down; however, the old address. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20013
The Stars! Utility SiteThis site is the home for HABS, a habitability guessing program, and also sort of acts as the home for Starmap!. It has an additional three downloads and some information for programmers. - October 17, 20013
The Stars! XpertA simple homepage for Stars! Xpert. It will also be the home for Stars! Sleuth, when it is released. - October 17, 20013
Starway to the GalaxiesIncludes a list of terms (that unfortunately lead to mostly broken links), a collection of races, and demos for Stars! 1.0, 1.1, 2.0b, and 2.6g. It is sort of the homepage for the Stars! Calculator. The site includes a lot of information for new players. - October 17, 20013
Stephen Posey's Stars! PageHas a collection of Excel utilities and a word file with tech levels for all items. There is also a list of acronyms and the order of events list. - October 17, 20013
T-MUSS"The Most Unuseful Stars! Site." A small site with regular updates and some unique art/parodies of Stars!. T-MUSS is part of a larger site (Zero's Cave). This site was down the last time I checked. - December 6, 20013
tomtom's Stars! FilebaseA site in German with a few downloads and some links to articles and sites the host recommends. It has a very clean layout. - October 17, 20013
Warrior's GuildA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteHas a reasonable collection of articles and some information on the Mystery Trader. What really sets the site apart from the rest is online the translation of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. The site includes a few Supernova graphics. - August 29, 20013
X-SpaceA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA Russian site that currently provides information on Stars! 2.x and Supernova Genesis. - November 13, 20013
Stars!A Russian page with a nice layout. Unfortunately out of date. While I don't see that much there, I cannot read Russian. . .. - October 17, 20013
The Alpha NubianA single, comprehensive review of strategies for blitzing. - October 17, 20012
Alternate Reality Strategy GuideA very comprehensive article on playing and designing Alternate Reality races. - September 15, 20012
Anrokima Stars!A German site currently under development. - February 13, 20022
Ashlyn's Stars PageA host/player's homepage. It had interesting splash screen the last time I checked. - October 17, 20012
BattleStars!A ranking system/competition for Stars! I have been told it is active, but I have not noticed any changes in years. - September 3, 20012
BioHazCentralA Supernova SiteA new Supernova Genesis turned general game site by an old Stars! hand. The S! SG section is pretty small now. - December 6, 20012
Blizgerg's Unofficial Stuff PageA small site with not much there; however, it does have statistics from the Stars! channel at IRC. Some of the things there are quite humorous. - December 4, 20012
Chagarra's HomeWorldA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA host's colorful website with a few games for Stars! and Supernova Genesis. - December 4, 20012
Deep Space Death 7.1rA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA site mainly focusing on one game series. It is set up for both Stars! and S!SG. - November 19, 20012
Domain of InnocenceA site for a number of strategy games including Stars!. Aside from a brief description, the most interesting things at the site are the old versions of Stars! (v1.0, 1.1, and 2.0b). - November 13, 20012
Ed Ruiz Stars! Page and hereA site that has not been updated for a very long time. The first link is to the Spanish version. The second link is to the English version. The webmaster's new site is at Poblado de Stars! en Pobladores.com. - December 4, 20012
Empire InteractiveIf you want to buy the game, go there; otherwise, you should pick a different link. The last time I checked you could only get to the Stars! 2.x page on North American section of the site, which is odd since the game is only available from the UK. This site was down the last time I checked. - August 30, 20012
The Front LineA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteMainly focuses on the host's many races and strategies that he uses with those races. I find the site a little difficult to navigate. - September 4, 20012
Gone Gold - Stars!Basically the site is a review of Stars!; however, it is quite extensive and relatively up-to-date. - September 4, 20012
Howling Mad Scunner's Domain - Stars!A small section of a personal website. The design is fairly nice and he is advertising some games the last time I checked. - November 19, 20012
Jagged Stars!This small English and French site has not been updated for quite a while. There is a game post, a few strategy articles, and a couple downloads. - August 29, 20012
Last cry from Stove TopA Stars! 2.6/2.7 and Stars! Supernova SiteA site dedicated to strategy and design. Currently, there is one article on whole game strategies. The rest of the site is under construction. It has the j-patch and I assume that a Supernova section will follow or be added to the existing sections when the game is released. - December 4, 20012
The Mad Doctor's Stars! PageEssentially a host's homepage. The webmaster has compiled a list of links going to various places for new games and other resources. - September 15, 20012
Pinokkio's Stars! PageA host's page. You can find games, a race or two, a few pictures, and the Strategy Guide there. - August 29, 20012
Planet TimA host's page for a single game. The game setup is fairly interesting - so it might be worth your time to go see it or sign up for the next one. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20012
Pond's Stars! BitHas a collection of ship names and planet names in addition to a little bit of advice on playing the game. The site has not been updated since May of 1997. - October 17, 20012
The Robert's Web PageHas a few games, a download, and a league rating system. There is also a brief description of Stars! This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20012
Sector 47A Supernova SiteThere are spots for scenarios, RDL's, and games. There is also a section on RDLs and strategy information. - December 4, 20012
SilverACE's Stars! SiteA host's games site. - November 19, 20012
Stars???A small German page under construction. Currently there is only a players list. - October 17, 20012
Stars! 2.70A small Polish site. As far as I can tell, it has a general description of Stars!, links, and screen shots from the game. - December 4, 20012
Stars! @ The Top FlatOne of the best looking Stars! sites, unfortunately it seems to have been a short lived effort (the site was only updated for about half a year). There are still some articles there and maybe one day the game post will become active again. - September 3, 20012
The Stars! Diplomatic ChannelHas a few downloads and games. There is also some advice for new players. - October 17, 20012
Stars! GamesTerribly out-of-date. Includes some advice on PBeM for players and hosts. It also has a complete list of the MT items with their pictures and about 70 articles in the strategy section. There is also a small downloads section and some old sample races This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20012
Stars Rendezvous (Legrand Stars!)A small, but attractive site with games, patches, downloads, and a few articles. Unfortunately, it is out of date. - October 17, 20012
Stars! StrategyIncludes some population growth graphs and some race designs. There is a game post, but it is not active. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20012
Steve's Stars! PageHas details on previous games that the webmaster has hosted. Also has information on using Genesis and also Mapper. - November 13, 20012
Supernova PortalA Supernova SiteA place for discussing Supernova, getting utilities, and getting artwork. The message board there is used rather extensively. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20012
TalonsoftA Supernova SiteSupernova Genesis homepage for the North American distributor of Stars! SG. There really is not much there right now. - November 13, 20012
Violence"A stars! site that promotes terrorism in games." There is a game post and some details on hosts that post there and a small download section. - December 6, 20012
Waypoint 87Another nice looking site. Currently, it focuses exclusively on the host's games and games in which he plays. It also includes a small archive of the best off the topic Stars! newsgroup discussions. - October 17, 20012
Webgirl of the Stars! (The World of Science Fiction)Anime meets Stars! meets BattleTech. There is some information on the host's games. - August 29, 20012
XDude's Stars! PageA host's page. Not much for looks (by the host's own admission), there are several game setups on the page. There is also an online Stars! calculator. - November 13, 20012
Ypsilon Stars!Has a detailed MT FAQ and a list of acronyms. The rest of the site is mainly links to other sites (many of which are broken). - August 29, 20012
Zirkon Box & Stars!The home page for a Stars! BBS in Austria. The site is in German. It includes games of the host (played by BBS, I believe), some links, and a description of Stars! Currently out of date. - August 29, 20012
#Stars! On StarLinkA long lost Stars! site. The current site by the author is dead, so if you need #Stars! info you can find it here. - December 6, 20011
DarkStars!The site is badly in need of an update. It has some patches, games, and a few races to download This site was down the last time I checked. - September 14, 20011
Guido's Stars! PageA nice looking site with a description of Stars! - September 14, 20011
Jonathan Bayer's Stars! PageAn old site with just a few downloads and a place for the host to post his own games. It has not been updated in for quite a while. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20011
Majestic Empire Stars!The site has not been updated in years. Includes a utilities section in addition to a games post and a few patches. - October 17, 20011
Mission ControlIncludes a place for game stories and player ranks, but right now there is only the host's game post. - October 17, 20011
Outer Stars! AllianceA Stars! league. Currently not much there aside from the rules and a few downloads. - October 17, 20011
The Replacement DepotDedicated to finding replacements for your abandoned races, I recommend any host looking for a replacement go there. For players always hunting for a game, this can be a quick ticket into a game. The site also has the Strategy Guide, a few downloads, and a mailing list. Last time I checked the site was back under construction. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20011
Star Base Alpha 10An old site with a game post and some downloads. - August 29, 20011
Stars! and Simulation SiteNot much there beyond some graphics. - October 17, 20011
The Stars! ZoneA host's game page. There aren't many games, but they have interesting setups. - August 29, 20011
STC Stars!A German game site dedicated mainly to selling Stars! (and other games). It has a large number of downloads, but most of the site and many of of the downloads are out of date. - October 17, 20011
Strategy GamerWhile this site initially had quite a lot to offer, it's utilities section was connected to the old Stars-R-Us site (which has moved). That has left it with a few strategy articles and the patches and most recent demo. - October 17, 20011
Titan ControlVery little there right now. Most of the links are broken. - November 13, 20011
Unity BaseWas a very nice looking site dedicated to a single game (Cluster Wars). Right now, most of it works, except for the side menu bar, which makes it impossible to explore. - September 4, 20011


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Last Update: February 13, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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