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Links for Hosting

For Stars! 2.x. Supernova hosting links are here.

Posting Games

The Accelerator Platform
Includes a mailing list with the game post.
All Things Trek with a Touch of Stars
Has a large mailing list that is sent out daily.
The Host's Guild
Has a mailing list. Down?
KPb Terra´s Ministry of Information
Has a mailing list.
I recommend you post all games at the Stars! newsgroup (rec.games.computer.stars). If you don't have access to a Usenet server, you can use Google Groups.


Special Host Related Web Sites

The Host's Guild
Provides a place for players to evaluate their hosts. If you are a good host, this is a plus. Down?
An automatic hosting site.
Stars! AutoHost
Provides automated hosting through the Internet for 100 games.
Stars! Central
An automatic hosting service (players submit turns to the site by email).


Other Web Sites With Extra Information For Hosts

Bluebear's Stars! Wing
Has detailed advice for new hosts. Down?
The Highlander
Includes some information on game scenarios.
The Host's Guild
An excellent source for detailed tips on hosting games. Down?
The Keep
This is a good example of a "host homepage." There are a large number of interesting games here to check out.
The Magic of Stars!
Has a large collection of ideas for games.
Mike's Stars! Page
Includes some brief advie on hosting.
The Sen'tail Colonies
Includes original game ideas and some from other sites.
Starman383's Yoluns Gate
Some advice on hosting.
Stars! Games
There is a little information for new hosts here. Down?
Stars! Scenarios
Has a good collection of ideas for playing Stars! in less traditional ways.
Strefa Stars!
In Polish. Down?


Sites With Useful Utilities

Home of the universe map editor Stars! - Universe Creator. The site is in Russian, but the utility and its link are not.
The Grey Council
Home of the Stars Game Generator a utility that allows one to easily use Stars! universe definition files.
Lunar State Industrial Institute
Home of Stars! Client, a hosting utility written to help hosting through Eudora (and other email programs).
The Pirates Retreat
Home of StarEd, a utility that allows you to alter the characteristics of items and hulls of Stars! and make a file of your changes to send to other players.
The Stars! Player
This is the home page of Warp Central a turn automailer.
Stars! Tech Page
Home Page for the Stars Editor, a utility that allows you to edit some of the guts of the game.
Other download pages can be found here.


Last Update: February 13, 2002

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