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"Buz" the Stars!Dead?
The 5th QuadrantDefinitely dead.
A. Grosz' Stars! Page (Alexander's Stars! Info)Dead?
Alec's Stars! PageDead?
Anti-Matter Generator (Anti-Matter Gun)Dead?
The Aravillian Central CommandDead?
Autohost ItalianoDead?
The Best of Stars!Dead?
BioHazard Stars! Central and hereThe main address does not really have anything and the alternate address is dead.
Boris' Stars!Dead?
Brian's Stars! PageDead?
Bryan D. Jones' Stars! PageDead?
The Burning PlanetDead?
Cerulean ClusterDead?
Che's Canadian Stars!Dead?
Cheshire Katt's Stars! Field (StarGate Command and Strange Stars! Page?)Dead?
Ciryar Stars! pageDead?
Command Blood (GrassCrab's Stars! Page)Dead?
Conflicting Interests Stars! PageDead?
ConsoleJust a pink flamingo (if you got to go, go in style).
Cubic Stars!Dead?
Cullen's Stars! PageDead?
Daniel Smith's Stars! Page (Global Annihilation?)Dead?
The Dark Side of Stars!Dead?
David's Stars Page (Stars! on the Web)All that is left is David's Stars! FAQ.
Death by Stars!New location. Nothing there.
Deemon's Stars! PageSoon to return to the world of the living.
The Delta Torpedo BaseDead?
Distopian's UtopiaDead?
Dizzy's STARS! Game Central HQDead?
Dr. Banzai's Stars! ZoneDead?
Dylans Stars! pageDead?
Enzo's Stars! PageDead?
Epsilon PegasiDead?
Galactic StormDead?
Gangtok Station"Gangtok station has been abandoned."
The General's Page"Moved to the Mystery Guild."
The Giants' StarsDead?
Global AnnihilationDead?
The Homeworld Map-Makers ArchiveDead?
Information Trader for Stars!"4" is all I see.
Intellectual Games 2Dead?
Invaders from Planet EckmanDead?
Jai's Stars! PageDead?
Jay Kyburz' Stars! PageDead?
Jeff Keene's Stars! Info PageDead?
Josh Auger's Stars PageDead?
Kurt's Stars! PageDead?
The Ladder to the Stars!"Temporarily Closed."
The Last MT RunDead?
The Librum AstartesDead?
Lord LoboDead?
Multi-Player Game League- Stars!Dead?
The Mystery GuildDead?
Mystery TraderDead?
NacNud's LairDead?
The New FrontierDead?
Nick's Stars! PageDead?
Nord's Stars! v2.5 Game PageDead?
NorthStars! WebpageDead?
The Nubian Space PortDead?
Number the Stars!Became PulsarWolf's Star! Nexus which has also died.
The Official Stars! World Championship PageDead?
Omega OutpostA Quake 2 site has taken it over.
The Outpost"Out of commission."
Pasin Stars! sivuDead?
PBeM Game PostDead?
Peregrine's Stars!Dead?
Pete Warner's Stars! PageDead?
The PlanetDead?
Planet Stars!Dead?
Planet XThe sign says it is "coming soon."
The ProbeDead?
PulsarWolf's Star! NexusDead?
Quality IXDead?
Red Moon (Moon 13)Dead?
Rembrandt's HomeNo longer a Stars! site.
Renegade AllianceSee Sector 47 for the webmaster's current page.
sh4d's pagesDead?
SinVip's Stars PagesDead?
Skynet Central: Stars!Dead?
Smoopuppy's Page O' Stars! and hereDead?
Some Guy's Stars! PageDead?
Space Dock: Future RealmsDead?
The Speed TrapDead?
SpheriX StudiosDead?
The Star DockDead?
Starbase 29Dead?
Starbase 66Dead?
Starbase ControlDead?
StarComHas closed, but much of it has moved to The Highlander
StarComm Home PageDead?
StarGate: INFINITYDead?
Starport 17Dead?
StarPower HomeDead?
The Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQMerged with The Stars! FAQ.
STARS! Campaign LogDead?
Stars! Centerpoint Owner moved on to PulsarWolf's Star! Nexus which has since died too.
Stars! CentralDead?
Stars! Champions LeagueDead?
The Stars! ClubDead?
Stars! CollectorDead?
Stars! DepotDead?
Stars! En FranšaisDead?
Stars! ForeverIronically, this site is dead.
Stars! ForumDead?
Stars! GateDead?
Stars! ICQ ListDead?
Stars! IRC BlitzDead?
Stars! Mailing List Archive (Andrew Sterian's Stars! Page)Dead?
Stars! Newsgroup FAQDead?
The Stars! NotebookAbsorbed by The Stars! Player
Stars! on Starlink!Dead?
Stars! page by RSVDead?
The Stars! RoomDead?
Stars! Spanish PageDead?
Stars! Speed ZoneDead?
Stars! Spiral Galaxy Game (David Blevin's - Stars! Host)Dead?
Stars! Strategy ChatSame as Starschat? I don't know - they have different addresses though.
The Stars! TentDead?
Stars! ThresholdDead?
Stars! Tournament of ChampionsDead?
Stars! - UKDead?
Sternenbasis 51Dead?
To Sale Beyond the SunsetDead?
Tobias' Stars! PageDead?
The TowerDead?
Tragically HipDead?
Trav's Stars! CampaignDead?
tsTech- Stars! Message Reader ToolDead?
Tyrel's HomepageDead?
Tyrin's Stars! Page!Dead?
Ultra Stars!Dead?
The UltraStationDead?
The Undernet Blitz ChannelDead?
Universe of Stars!Dead?
Wasatch StarsDead? Not completely. It merged with The Magic of Stars!
Waygate PrimeDead? No, it was reincarnated as Outer Stars! Alliance.
Wayne's SD PageDead?
Waypoint 13Dead?
Waypoint 23This links to an old version of the site.
Xanni Imperial GovernmentDead?
Yet Another Stars! SiteDead?


Last Update: February 13, 2002

Please let me know of any sites that should be added to this list. Since I check occasionally to see if any of the sites have been reborn or are mistakenly listed, it is best that you give me an internet address when submitting a dead site. Feel free to suggest text other than "Dead?" for any of the sites listed.

Last Update: February 13, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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