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Finding Games

For Stars! 2.x. Supernova game pages are here.

Here is where I recommend you go

The Keep
There are a huge number of games here run by the same host.
Spacedock 1
Regularly starts new games open to all players. Includes a ranking table of those involved games hosted there.
Stars! AutoHost
There are usually a few game announcements in the Home World Forum.
Stars! The List
Home of "The List" - a roughly daily mailing of all games posted to the site and the newsgroup. Perhaps the best source for finding games.
System Gwiezdny Hamal
Polish game post.
AOL members can go to their Stars! club. The Keyword is STARSCLUB.
If you are interested in blitzing, the channel is #Stars! at StarLink. For details on blitzing go to The Mystery Guild and click on IRC.
You can also find games at the Stars! newsgroup (rec.games.computer.stars). If you don't have access to a Usenet server, you can use Google Groups.


You MIGHT Find Games Here

The Accelerator Platform
It as not been active for a while, but it does have a mailing list.
All Things Trek with a Touch of Stars
Old home fo the List. Now see Stars! The List.
Ashlyn's Stars PageBattleStars!
The BlightedBluebear's Stars! Wing
For beginners. Down?
Chagarra's HomeWorldCoStars!
In French
In Russian
Deep Space Death 7.1rGalaxy of Stars!
Includes a mailing list.
The Grey CouncilThe Highlander
The Host's Guild
Sometimes this site used to have a lot of games available. There is a mailing list. Also has an evaluation of many of the people hosting Stars! games. Down?
Howling Mad Scunner's Domain - Stars!
Jagged Stars!Jonathan Bayer's Stars! Page
KPb Terra´s Ministry of Information
A post with mailing list.
The Mad Doctor's Stars! Page
Majestic Empire Stars!Mike's Stars! Page
Mission ControlOrionian Empire
Outer Stars! AlliancePinokkio's Stars! Page
Planet Tim
The Replacement Depot
The Robert's Web Page
The Spaceball Starbase
Has a mailing list. Down?
Star Base Alpha 10Starbase Delta
Starman383's Yoluns GateS.T.A.R.S!
Stars! 4 UStars! @ The Top Flat
Stars! CentralThe Stars! Diplomatic Channel
Stars! Inc.
Stars! Maniac
Stars! NationsStars! Pax Galaxy
In English and Portuguese
Stars! Re-EntryStars Rendezvous
Stars! Strategy
The Stars! Village
The Stars! ZoneStars!Web Players Lounge
Starway to the GalaxiesSteve's Stars! Page
Strefa Stars!
In Polish. Down?
Strona Arcziego
In Polish. Down?
ViolenceWaypoint 87
Webgirl of the Stars!XDude's Stars! Page
Ypsilon Stars!
There is a mailing list for the host's games.
Zirkon Box & Stars!
In German


Last Update: February 13, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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