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A Few Extra Things

Last Update: February 13, 2002

So here is where I can put things that don't really belong anywhere else. While most of this page is at least marginally related to Stars!, some of it has little to do with anything.

On this page you can find . . .

Sites with links to me

Recommend stuff

A link to my home page

Some strategy articles I wrote

The Target Attractiveness spreadsheet

A look at the Directories of old

The "true" Directory - a look at the data base program that generates what you are looking at now

Stuff at the bottom of the page


And now the extra things


Special Thanks

First, a thank you to Morten Lassen for creating the original submission form, which is for the most part the same one that is there now.

I would also like to thank Ian Smith for the graphics that appear on the game page and for his compressing the bitmap images I sent to him of the all the page titles graphics.

Again I would like to thank everyone at Waypoint Zero for directing so much web traffic my way and also naming The Stars! Directory an official web site.

Finally, a special thanks to all of you that have written in either to keep me updated or just to let me know what you like and what needs to be changed. I appreciate knowing that the site is well used.

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Sites that have linked to me

Here are the sites that I know about that have given me links. I love getting linked and in the main pages there really is no way I can repay people linking to me, so I have this section now. I have presented this in rough (especially rough at the beginning of the list) chronological order of when I learned about the link. If I have missed any, please let me know.

The Stars! Player, All Things Trek with a Touch of Stars, Stars! Network, The Stars! Village, StarGate: INFINITY, Stars!-R-Us, Stars! Gate, Mare Crisium, Cathode, Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ, Waypoint 23, Stars! Drawing Board, The Keep, Red Kipper's Stars!, Stars! Inc. (Down?), Pond's Stars! Bit, The Grey Council, Stars! Re-Entry, Paul Benjamin's Vanity Page, Ypsilon Stars! (The Open Directory Project), The Nubian Space Port, Stars! AutoHost, Stars! Nations, Stephen Posey's Stars! Page, Stars!Web Players Lounge (Down?), Raul's Web (Down?), Stars! Scenarios, The Stars! Tent, The Accelerator Platform, Strefa Stars! (Down?), Lumps Stars! Site (Down?), Bluebear's Stars! Wing (Down?), Violence, Bookmarks for Martin Steinwender, StarCom, OtherWorld, Cerulean Cluster, The Stars! Compendium, Gangtok Station, The Stars! Universe (Down?), Supernova Portal (Down?), Hyena Starbase, STARS! Campaign Log, The New Frontier, Stars! Diplomatic Channel, Stars! Supernova (Web Ring), Ozzland, Bookmarks for Kerry Digou, NovaBase, StarDruid's Stars! & Stars! Supernova Page, The Dutch Stars! Community, Stars! Maniac, Tom Lamparty's Home Page, Ashlyn's Stars Page, KPb Terra´s Ministry of Information, Mike's Stars! Page, Waypoint 13, A Talent for War, Pinokkio's Stars! Page, Stars! Supernova Station, S.T.A.R.S!, Gone Gold - Stars!, HotList for Torbjörn Pettersson, Blizgerg's Unofficial Stuff Page, Inter-Stellar Reveller, Waypoint 87, The Mad Doctor's Stars! Page, Stars! Threshold, Epsilon Pegasi, Sector 47, T-MUSS (Down?), Strefa Stars! (Down?), Star Alliance, Stars???, Master of Stars - The Supernova Site, Stars! Speed Zone, Games Domain - Links Bunker, Linknoid's Home Page (Down?), "Buz" the Stars!, Pirates Retreat, Stars! Pax Galaxy, Starman383's Yoluns Gate, tomtom's Stars! Filebase, CeLaVie, Chagarra's HomeWorld, Empire Interactive (Down?), Homeworld Map-Makers Archive, Pages personnelles de TH, Highlander, Starway to the Galaxies, BioHazCentral, Blighted, The Stars! FAQ, Starbase Delta, Carl's Bookmarks, Pekka Lahtisen kirjanmerkit, OtterHost, The Sen'tail Colonies, Simong Brunning's Bookmarks, Stars! Village, Nagy Norbert's Bookmarks, SilverACE's Stars! Site, Deep Space Death 7.1r, Stars! 2.70, and q-stars!.

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A few people have asked me where I got the banner images for the Stars! Directory. Well, some of them I have made with various graphics packages. The only one of which I can strongly recommend is PaintShop; however, it is prohibitively expensive if you are only going to use it to create banners for a hobby website. I can recommend Cooltext Online Graphics Generator which is where I created the original main banner and all of the title banners. The last time I checked, it was also the same service that Stars! AutoHost used (however, at that time I think it had a different name).

ZipMagic is one of my favorite utilities and definitely the best zip utility I have used. It allows you to manipulate files stored inside zip files as if they were normal directories. You can zip or unzip a directory just by changing its name. You can get an evaluation at Mijenix.

If you have ever wondered why there is a little planet at the bottom of the main page, that is the free eXTReMe Tracking web tracker. It tells you everything from the number of hits you had on the second week of the year to from which sites your visitors came. You can see The Stars! Directory results here. If you like it, just click on the "Get your own free web tracker.".

If you are looking for a personalized web site or email address, I recommend the company that owns this domain. For a US $20 setup fee and US $10 per year they will provide with a personalized email address. You can choose your surname (which I did) or one of the thousands of domains they have.  Their homepage is www.MailBank.com.

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Home Page

Ever wonder what I do with my real life? Well, my home page really won't help you figure out that much, but it is there. Maybe one day I will work on it, but currently it seems more entertaining to work on this page.

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Art's Articles

Well, so far here are the articles for which I am willing to claim responsibility.

Basic Race Design, a beginner's guide to designing races in Stars! 2.6/2.7. See Pages personnelles de TH for a French translation.

Living With Chaff, a relatively comprehensive guide to using, designing, and countering chaff.

Targeting Order in Battles (Target Attractiveness), an article presenting formulae to predict the targeting order in Stars!

Tricks of the Trade, a collection of tactics that players use. Organized into sections for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

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The Target Attractiveness Spreadsheet

Here is an Excel 5.0 spreadsheet that attempts to calculate the order that ships will be targeted. Please refer to the "Target Attractiveness" article for a text description of how it is done.

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