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The Encyclopedia Link Generator

This utility allows strategy articles from other sites to have links to the Stars Encyclopedia.

Here is the Utility

Please note you must also download the index file below.

Here is the Index File

Sample of the Output: Before and After

The original file is taken from Stars-R-Us.  The processed file has been run through the current version of the Encyclopedia Link Generator.

Version Information

2.22 (released July 6, 2001)

A bug that was probably added in version 2.20 or 2.21 that made JavaScript popup windows not work has been removed.

2.21 (released November 17, 2000)

The utility no longer closes when "enter" is pressed on the main window.  Also it is now possible to completely customize the text of the links allowing for options such as specifying a particular frame or making the links not underlined (as in the sample output above).

2.20 (released June 16, 2000)

Two more options new HTML tags and a linking option were added. Additionally, there is an extra scanning precaution to eliminate a very rare, possible mislink that can occur if a user has not turned on the extra HTML protection.

2.10 (released April 25, 2000)

A few improvements and "tweaks" were made to scanning. More importantly, the interface was reworked allowing for a number of new user options, including JavaScript, link customization, and more.  The documentation was also reworked and is now much nicer than before.

2.03 (released March 10, 2000)

There was a very small bug in the exclusion tag and a spelling error that have been removed.

2.02 (released March 8, 2000)

Many improvements were made to the scanning algorithm in addition to recognizing a new "exclusion" tag. Plurals are now included in the link (before the "s" and "es" did not get included in the link). There is also a menu and an updates page in the program.

2.01 (released March 5, 2000)

An additional option to prevent replacements being made in HTML code (as opposed to text) was added. So far this extra prevention has only proven necessary if you write HTML code all in capital letters. The help file was updated.

Last Update: February 13, 2002

If you have additional definitions or corrections for the Encyclopedia Link Generator, please let me know.

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