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For Supernova. Stars! 2.x downloads are here.

General/Utilities Download Sites I Recommend

Please note in general it is better to go to the homepages, as general
sites often do not have the most current version of a program.

Currently there are no entries.


Utilities with Homepages

Please see note below.

The Encyclopedia Link GeneratorA utility that allows webmasters to automatically generate links of key words from HTML pages at their site to The Stars! Encyclopedia (you will need to download the index file also). It is intended for use with strategy articles. The Stars! Directory


Utilities with No/Unknown Homepages

Please see note below.

Currently there are no entries.


Non-Executable Utilities

Please see note below.

Currently there are no entries.


Stars! Patches and Demo

Currently there are no entries.


Other Sites with Downloads

Flying Squirrel Sound
Has the into movie and a number of background themes for S! SG available for download.
Hyena Starbase
Red Kipper's Stars!Sector 47
Stars! Supernova StationSupernova Portal


The Note

The descriptions above are a combination of what I have combed out of the Net and what programmers have sent me. Needless to say, I would prefer to have all the comments be by the programmers. Programmers please write me with any improved, yet short, descriptions. If anyone knows of homepages I don't have, please let me know.


Last Update: February 9, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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