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For Stars! 2.x. Supernova downloads are here.

General/Utilities Download Sites I Recommend

Please note in general it is better to go to the homepages, as general
sites often do not have the most current version of a program.

Excellent download site in French.
In Russian
Olden Stars! Host
Russian; however, the downloads are clearly marked by file name.
Excellent download site in Polish (though English speakers will have no problem finding a particular download if they know what they want).
Red Kipper's Stars!Stars! Maniac
A large number of downloads. In Russian.
Stars! Re-Entry
Includes a large number of web based spreadsheets.
The Stars! Village
Small, but really all that one needs. Of particular interest is the collection of MOD files for StarEd.
Strefa Stars!
Large site. In Polish. Down?


Utilities with Homepages

Please see note below.

Alberto's Most Incomplete, Undocumented and Badly Coded Stars! Mapper, Analyzer and SimulatorThe name almost completes the description. The programmer has indicated that he is working on a new version. Mokulen: Games: Stars!
AstrolabeStill being developed. Red Moon
Chaff SweepA program that estimates the number of chaff needed to "chaff sweep" a minefield. Currently this utility is making its home at the Stars! Directory.
The Encyclopedia Link GeneratorA utility that allows webmasters to automatically generate links of key words from HTML pages at their site to The Stars! Encyclopedia (you will need to download the index file also). It is intended for use with strategy articles. The Stars! Directory
The GeneratorThe last time I checked this file was not available at The Mystery Guild. I am assuming for now it has not been finished (or there are some bugs to be fixed). When available it will nearly completely automate hosting through email.
GenesisCreates Spiral Galaxy map files. The Mystery Guild
GPSAn automatic game/email processor. ShadowGuard
GrowthA very small utility that calculates a given percentage of a planet's maximum population with a number of features to make it more useful than just a calculator. Stars! Player
HABSA small DOS program that guesses at the habitability of planets. The Stars! Utility Site
Host RunnerAllows a host to manage several games at once. Quality IX
Inter-Stellar RevellerA utility that allows easy blitzing through ICQ. Inter-Stellar Reveller
MailMan2A POP3 utility to check for new messages and their attachments. Written to help with hosting. The Stars! Player
N8 Automates turn generation regardless of email platform. Red Moon
Speedsend A macro for Outlook 2000 that automates turn mailing and generation.
StarEdA utility with a slick interface that allows players to completely modify the various items and hulls of Stars! Users can create files allowing others to copy the changes and host new games with different items. Pirates Retreat
StarFireA hosting utility that utilizes MAPI email clients (only works with 32 bit operating systems). It checks turns when new email arrives. Jai's Stars! Page
Starmap!Allows players to pool player information to create a graphic representation. Starmap!
Stars! CalculatorCalculates packet damage, fuel consumption, etc. Very convenient to run while playing the game. Starway to the Galaxies and (for now) The Stars! Directory
Stars! ClientA utility that manages backups and also reduces the work in using a email client with Stars! It is designed to work specifically with Eudora, but still looks useful to players using other email programs. Lunar State Industrial Institute
Stars EditorChanges the "guts" of Stars. Be warned that it permanently modifies the game, so make sure you have a backup. Stars! Tech Page
Stars Game GeneratorAutomates creating Stars! game.def files allowing hosts to easily set up a without having to use Stars! own new games wizard. This makes it possible to save the setup. The Grey Council
Stars! NotebookThe Stars! Notebook is a program that helps you gather, combine, analyze and store information from your Stars! games. The Stars! Player
Stars! Planet SnifferHelps find the inhabitable planets from other players' pXX reports. Much faster than manually searching through the information. Lunar State Industrial Institute
Stars! Secret Intelligence ReporterAnother information trading and organization utility. The Mystery Guild
Stars! - Universe CreatorA great new utility that allows hosts to not only model the galaxy off a bitmap, but also allows them to move homeworlds around. There are some restrictions as to where the new homeworlds are placed. You can download it directly or go to the site. It is in Russian, but the utility has an link in English. D-Stars!
TerritoriesA great mapping utility with a flexible information display interface. Orionian Empire
The Stars! XpertA second "calculator" making quick checks on cloaking, bombing damage, etc. very easy. The Stars! Xpert
Warp CentralAn automatic turn mailer for both players and hosts. Includes several features such as player database and attached files. The Stars! Player
Xtreme Borders for Stars!A mapping/information utility for Stars! It gives detailed information on the planets. Pirates Retreat
Xtreme StarMailA turn mailing utility that utilizes MAPI or SMTP. It has a number of options including multiple email addresses and attachments. Pirates Retreat


Utilities with No/Unknown Homepages

Please see note below.

HosterAn automatic turn handler for Pegasus Mail. Red Kipper's Stars!
IFOS Converter"It's Full of Stars" is a 3-D star mapper. The converter program will allow you make maps of Stars! Universes. Stars!-R-Us
Information Trader for Stars!Allows players to transfer gaming information without compromising their own security. Stars! AutoHost
MapperRecreates the xy universe file from a GIF file. Also allows the xy file to be exported to a GIF. Stars!-R-Us
Packet CalculatorA packet calculator program. Stars! AutoHost
Star Year Data UtilityA DOS utility that gives the year of any turn file. Red Kipper's Stars!
StarCommA turn exchange utility mainly designed for blitzing. Stars!-R-Us
StarPowerAllows players to pool player information to create a graphic representation. Stars!-R-Us
Stars! File Info ExtractorDisplays critical file information. Uses Win95 interface. Red Kipper's Stars!
Stars LogKeep track of all those little details. Stars!-R-Us
Stars! Message Reader ToolAllows you to conveniently keep track and store in-game messages. The old home page seems to be gone. Stars!-R-Us
Stars Turn GeneratorThis utility allows you to generate more than one year at a time. As this feature has been incorporated in to Stars! the utility is really obsolete. Red Kipper's Stars!
Stars Turn XchangeAn old utility to allow hosting off of a web server. Really only for hosting blitzes. Advanced users only. Red Kipper's Stars!
StarsInfoA information exchanging program. It looks fairly sophisticated; however, several people have reported problems using it so far. Stars!-R-Us
Starstat Turn UtilityA DOS utility to display critical information about any particular Stars! file. Stars!-R-Us
StretchChanges the size of the galaxy by modifying the xy file. Stars!-R-Us
Turn CoordinatorAutomates turn handling with Pegasus Mail. Stars!-R-Us
Turn SenderAnother Pegasus Mail automated turn handler. Red Kipper's Stars!


Non-Executable Utilities

Please see note below.

Another Stars! SpreadsheetCurrently in a beta, this spreadsheet is unique in that it is for Microsoft Works instead of for Excel. Waypoint 13 used to host this, but is currently dead. If anyone has a copy of it, please contact me.
The Attractiveness CalculatorExcel file to calculate targeting order in combat. The Stars! Directory
BattleSim TestbedA completed testbed with all the MT gizmos and virtually every race combination. Definitely a time saver if you use testbeds. Stars! FAQ
Chris Spagnoli's MPFCExcel file to estimate the mass and speed of several packets needed to kill a planet. The Packet Flinger Calculator Homepage
Chris Spagnoli's PFCExcel file to estimate mass and speed of a packet needed to kill a planet. The Packet Flinger Calculator Homepage
John Rasor's Bombing SpreadsheetExcel file to calculate bombing damage. Stars!-R-Us
John Stranart's Habitability CalculatorExcel file to calculate habitability ratings of planets. Stars!-R-Us
Planet Projection SpreadsheetAn Excel spreadsheet that simulates the growth of a planet and allows the user to see the economic effects of removing colonists or building items (such as ships). The original site for this utility is dead. If you know of a place to get it, please contact me.
Spreadsheet for Jason's Race Potential FormulaAllows one to quickly evaluate a race design. Stars! Nations
StarTrip'inCaluclates the required amount of fuel needed for any trip. Takes into account IS population growth. Stars!-R-Us
Stephen Posey's Excel Bomb - Kill Ratio CalculatorCalculate bombing damage. Stephen Posey's Stars! Page
Stephen Posey's Excel Calculator SpreadsheetSimilar to other calculator utilities; however, it uses an Excel format instead. Stephen Posey's Stars! Page
Stephen Posey's Excel Racial Info CalculatorCalculate racial abilities based on game information. Stephen Posey's Stars! Page
V2 Multiple Impact CalculatorLets you calculate damage from multiple packets or from packets and bombers. V2 Multiple Impact Calculator
Waypoint FinderAn Excel file that allows you to estimate where the waypoints of your enemy will fall. The utility is from NovaBase; however at this time there is no link on the site.


Stars! Patches and Demo

The Accelerator Platform
Includes J patches.
All Things Trek with a Touch of Stars
Domain of Innocence
Has a few of the older the versions of Stars! (v1.0, 1.1, and 2.0b).
Galactic Traveller - Stars!Last cry from Stove Top
Majestic Empire Stars!Mokulen: Games: Stars!
Olden Stars! HostOtterHost
Has the current j-patches.
In Polish.
Red Kipper's Stars!
Very extensive.
The Spaceball Starbase
Star Alliance
In Russian.
StarDruid's Stars! & Stars! Supernova Page
Has 1.1, 2.6b, and the most recent demo.
Stars! AutoHostThe Stars! Player
Has patches for Stars! 2.7.
Stars RendezvousThe Stars! Village
Includes both the current demo and patches.
Starway to the Galaxies
Includes demos for Stars! 1.0, 1.1, 2.0b, and 2.6g.
Strategy Gamer
Waypoint Zero
The source for all patches and the most current demo.


Other Sites with Downloads

All Things Trek with a Touch of Stars
Some downloads.
Galactic Traveller - Stars!
The Grey CouncilJagged Stars!
Jonathan Bayer's Stars! Page
Majestic Empire Stars!
Mike's Stars! Page
No downloads, but it includes some more detailed reviews than the ones here.
Orionian Empire
OtterHostOuter Stars! Alliance
The Robert's Web Page
The Spaceball Starbase
In French. Down?
Star Alliance
In Russian.
Star Base Alpha 10
S.T.A.R.S!Stars! AutoHost
The Stars! Diplomatic ChannelStars! Games
Stars! NationsStars! Pax Galaxy
In English and Portuguese
Stars! Re-EntryStars Rendezvous
The Stars! Universe
The Stars! Utility Site
STC Stars!Super Stealth Site
tomtom's Stars! Filebase
In German.


The Note

The descriptions above are a combination of what I have combed out of the Net and what programmers have sent me. Needless to say, I would prefer to have all the comments be by the programmers. Programmers please write me with any improved, yet short, descriptions. If anyone knows of homepages I don't have, please let me know. Many utilities without a homepage currently link to Stars!-R-Us; however, after this site went down, I have not found locations for some of those utilities. If you know where one of these can be downloaded, please contact me.


Last Update: February 13, 2002

Please send me any comments or corrections.

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