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The Last Update (Probably)

I'm afraid that the Stars! Directory is officially abandoned. It has been a long time since it's last real update (Feb 13, 2001) and even that was not really a change in content (just a face lift).

As far as I know Stars! Supernova Genesis is permanently cancelled. Work stopped in the middle of development several years ago.

I frequently get questions about where to get a new copy of Stars! Here is what I know: if you have a password, go to Stars! Autohost. There you can get the latest patch (which is really a completely redone executable. If you need a serial number, the last places I saw Stars! for sale were EBay and Xplosiv.net. Best of luck.

The Stars! Directory is a large site and not everything is completely in working order (some of those include the Director's Cup, the Games Page, and the Webrings). If you find some other problems, please let me know. If you are using Netscape 4, my suggestion is that you don't. Seriously, you should not have any problems other than cosmetic ones. Later I may go and make something that is visually more pleasing for Netscape 4.x.


Looking for the definition of a Stars! related term? The Stars! Encyclopedia has about 200 terms defined and indexed.

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Last Update: January 31, 2007