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Almost Dead

a.k.a. One Foot in the Graveyard

This page is reserved for sites that have little or no content
and have not been updated for a long period of time.

SiteText ReviewOverall Rating
Alan's Stars! Page (Live Wire Stars!)Supposedly updating with some info on a tournament; however, it has been "updating" for more than a year now. - July 24, 20011
Federation & The EmpireA home page of an old game. It was well chronicled and and can make for a fun read. - July 24, 20011
Fort Stars!The link to the new site is dead. It was a league of sorts; however, the pages here are about two years old. The Keep partially grew out of it. - July 24, 20011
Hazy Stars!The is really nothing at this site now. The games section seems to be broken. - July 24, 20011
Jonathan's Stars! PageThe site is no longer being updated. It has a few games, a download, and some links. - July 25, 20011
Lumps Stars! SiteA nice looking site that has not been updated for a while. There is a mailing list for the host's games. This site was down the last time I checked. - July 25, 20011
Mark's Stars PageA description of Stars! and a list of the MT items. Has not been updated since 1997. This site was down the last time I checked. - August 5, 20011
Myrkn IVUnder construction (apparently indefinitely). - August 29, 20011
The NebulaA few downloads, a couple articles, and a game post. There are a number of broken links. Unfortunately, this site has not been updated for quite a while. - July 24, 20011
Stars! Base 79Almost every page is either under construction or down. Given the only update listed is May 10, 1997, it will probably stay that way. - November 13, 20011
Stars! CarrierNothing there right now. - October 17, 20011
Stars! Game BulletinHas a game post that does not seem to get much use. I have not noticed any updates for more than a year. - August 29, 20011
Stars! Outpost 42Out-of-date and not a lot of information. In a perpetual state of construction. - October 17, 20011
Stars! StuffHas a list of MT items (with their icons), an out-of-date download section, and some race files. The site has not been updated in years. - October 17, 20011
Steven's Stars! GalaxyA small site with a game post and some broken links to a utilities section. - October 17, 20011
Steven's Ultimate Stars PageSort of a quite site to an old championship. The site is badly out of date. - October 17, 20011
Top End Stars!A very out-of-date site with some old patches and a game list. This site was down the last time I checked. - October 17, 20011
Trek Man's Stars! PageA basic introduction of the game with a couple pictures of planets and a description of a race. See the new site. - October 17, 20011
Weave's Stars!Not much there. There was a start at making the Stars! Blitz Game Scheduler, but it seems to never have been finished. - October 17, 20011
The World of StarsA small game site. It is not currently up-to-date. There is a broken link to a beginners section. - October 17, 20011
Yet Another Stars! PageBasically a brief description of Stars! Has a link for games, bt there are none there. - July 25, 20011

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Last Update: February 13, 2002

If I am missing any sites, please let me know.

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