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How to get A registered copy of Popillon for free

The idea of Popillon is simple.  Pop the bubbles (or other shapes) to get points.  The more bubbles you pop at one time, the more points you get.  Depending on the settings, if you clear a column, more bubbles appear for you to remove.

So, what is what does Popillon offer over other games based on the same idea?  First, there game allows for a great deal of customization, not only in the rule set, but also in the game's appearance.  The thumbnail above shows just one such customization.

Game options include the use of wildcards, variable number of colors (four through six), different size boards, unlimited undo's, and a number of shifting options (how the pieces will move after neighboring pieces are removed).  Some of these options are only available in the registered version of the game.

Extra Skins

Currently, all available skins are included with both the demo and the registered copy of the game.  If you have the demo of version 1.0 (not 1.0a), you will need to download the newest demo or register your copy to get the extra skin. 

If you have a skin you would like to add, please let me know.


Before updating, you need to know exactly which version of Popillon you have installed on your computer.  You can find the version number in the menu "Help->About Popillon."  Once you have that information, download the appropriate patch and then run it on your computer. 

The current version of the game is 1.02.

Version 1.0, 1.0a, and 1.01 to Version 1.02


What's this thing? It is a free web tracker provided by eXTReMe Tracking.  While my server provides much of the same data for me, Popillon was original hosted on a different server.  I use this tracker on this page only for continuity's sake.
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